Common plumbing problems (Garden Grove)


Three of the most common plumbing problems that people face nowadays are damaged pipes, gas leaks and clogged drains. If you find yourself facing any of these problems, you need to hire emergency plumbing services right away. The sad part here is that you could have easily avoided these expensive services. Negligence in plumbing issues is one of the leading reasons for obstructions in drainage systems and defective pipes. While we are more than willing to service our cars at least once in a year, we don't bother with our plumbing until things get out of hand. Why would you want to wait for things to get out of hand? Preventive maintenance can help you save a lot of money by ensuring that your pipes and drainage is always in good condition and fixing any potential problems before they escalate. But even when it comes to hiring emergency plumbing Garden Grove services, there are a few things you can do to reduce damage as much as possible until emergency services arrive. Here are some tips given by best plumbers :-

1. Burst pipes- Your main objective here would be to stop the water from coming out of the hole. You can do this by locating the shut off valve for your house and turning it off. Finding an Orange County pipe bursting professional in this day and age is tough. This will stop water from flowing through the pipes and therefore stop the flooding. You also need to turn on all cold water taps in your house so as to drain all the water which is already in the pipes. This will save all the things in your house from a lot of water damage that could have been caused by the burst pipe while the emergency plumbing service was on their way.

2. Leaky plumbing fixtures- The first thing you need to do is turn off the shut off valve. Then you can check the trap of the fixture for any hair, soap scum, debris or food particles which may be the cause of the overflowing fixture.

3. Blocked toilets and drains- You can try to get most of the obstructing material out of the way with the help of a sewer snake or even a plunger. You never know this might help solve the problem without even needing an emergency plumbing service. You Can Get Learn more from drain support.

4. Gas Leaks- If you smell any gas in your home, you need to leave immediately. You should never try and fix gas leaks on your own simply because of their deadly nature. Gas leaks aren't like other plumbing problems. Always employ professional plumbing services when dealing with this problem.

5. Frozen pipes- As far as frozen pipes are concerned, if you don't deal with them immediately, you will run the risk of the pipe expanding and eventually bursting. First, close the shut off valve. Then use hot water bottles to thaw the pipe from the end which is closest to a tap. Never use a naked flame for thawing as this may split the pipe as well. You can avoid this problem altogether by simply ensuring that your pipes are insulated properly during the colder months. To know about some more useful solutions go to